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DNA Paternity Tests

A paternity test is mostly applied to ascertain whether or not a man could possibly be the biological father of a toddler. Being a pioneer in introducing polymerase chain response (PCR) screening for a foundation for developing paternity, State-of-the-art Tests Centre's scientific industry experts and DNA tests methodology will let you confidentially build Organic relatedness.

We've been dedicated to excellent screening and the very best specifications–that is certainly why we only execute DNA paternity exams inside a manner and under circumstances allowing for the effects for use in courts of legislation, as opposed to house paternity tests.

Lawful DNA assessments are hugely correct, excluding, on average, more than ninety nine.999% of non-moms and dads. DNA screening may also provide a superior likelihood of paternity. Our testing protocols are designed to take care of program queries of disputed paternity as well as fewer widespread circumstances.

Our Lab performs testing on various diverse sample kinds. The most often utilised sample will be the buccal swab. Such a sample is collected by swabbing the inside with the cheek (buccal cavity) using a sterile cotton swab.

Call 800-809-9252 nowadays to arrange tests.

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